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Use ChatGPT to Build a Better Resume

ai practice interviews practice interviews ai resume advice resume tips Jan 26, 2023

Are you currently working with a Resume Writer or considering hiring one? You may want to rethink that plan and consider using an AI platform like ChatGPT instead. I’ve been exploring all the features of this tool and it offers numerous opportunities when writing a resume. ChatGPT can help you write better resumes and also help you with your interview preparation (read last week’s article for more information about that).

ChatGPT makes it super easy to create fantastic resumes. In addition, you can develop excellent resume summaries tailored to any job description.

Item #1—Stronger Resume Summary

Resume summaries are always critical for any role. The resume summary helps you get noticed by Recruiters and helps the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to recognize you as a good fit. Your goal is to identify key themes in the job description that will enable you to craft a customized summary for each resume you are submitting. This exercise used to take a little time, now ChatGPT can do it for you in seconds. 

In the video below, I walk you through the process of building a resume from scratch in ChatGPT. I also look at a sample job description and use the program to create a strong resume summary. 

Item #2—Getting Started in ChatGPT

First, you will need to visit OpenAI and find the ChatGPT feature. You may need to create a user account and password if it’s your first time using the service. Below, I will outline some of the general steps I took to create a resume and summary using a TPM (Technical Program Manager) role as a sample. Again, I suggest watching the full video and seeing my screen share for more specific details from this example.

Item #3—Sample Resume Inquiry

I started by simply asking ChatGPT to write a resume for a TPM role focused on Cloud technology. It quickly displayed a full sample resume with a summary, technical skills, experience and education. Of course, it is just generating fake information to show me what a good resume might look like for this role. However, it is an excellent starting point to build your resume by repurposing concepts and utilizing the verb tenses ChatGPT creates for you. 

Then I did the same for the technical skills, experience, education and technical summary sections. I took what ChatGPT provides and then personalized it with my own information. This platform offers a very convenient way to build a quality resume for this type of role. 

Item #4—Getting More Specific

Now, we are going to dive deeper to make our resume even stronger and tailored to the specific position for which I am interviewing. And as I mentioned early on, putting a heavy focus on your summary will be key.

So, my next step was to ask ChatGPT to “List 10 short resume summary bullets for a Technical Program Manager focused in Cloud technologies.” It immediately generated a much more specific list of points that I could utilize. I went through and pulled the ones that were most relevant. I copied them into my other document and edited to better reflect my own skills and experience.

Item #5—Job Description

Finally, I went back to my summary with a goal of making it as strong as possible for the specific role. I took the job listing itself and pasted it directly into ChatGPT. I added a prompt to “List the most critical concepts/items that appear in this job description:”

This provided me with some similar information from the general search, while also giving me some new data from the specific job description. From here, I was able to go through the entire resume and resume summary to customize and personalize it. I used the key concepts identified by ChatGPT and applied them to my resume. The process was very quick and simple, and the AI helped me create an excellent resume for this particular TPM role. 

I highly recommend trying this out on your own. You can save time and money without having to hire a resume writer, and you will end up with a great resume that can easily be tailored to any position.

For more resources visit my website - Practice Interviews and check out our AI Practice Interview App.

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