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Get what you deserve by mastering
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What’s in it for me?

Save Time

Whether we conduct a practice interview or a negotiation strategy session, clear cut strategies will make your prep strategic.

Insider Knowledge

Learn the format and types of questions companies like Google ask and the areas to focus on when negotiating.

Gain Confidence

Have certainty by learning how to answer the tough questions and how to negotiate without fear.
Our clients have received offers at:
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1 on 1 Practice Interview

After a practice interview you will have a professional assessment of your strengths, understand your opportunities for improvement and have a clear practice strategy.
over 10,000+ practice questions

Self-Practice Program

Record responses and receive instant feedback on your practice interview answers. Our database provides access to 10,000+ questions sorted by position and company.

Already have an offer?

We’ve helped our clients negotiate from $10k to $240k in additional annual total compensation.
I was granted a 10% raise after talking with my boss.
His coaching set me up for success negotiating my offer with a big tech company.

Free Interview Prep Guide

Interview Prep Guide

Practice the two critical methodologies you need to pass any interview at any company.
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Slack Community

Join our private slack community for regular Q&A and meeting others.

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Resume Guide

Step-by-step instructions on how to make your resume.

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LinkedIn Guide

Make your online persona match your in-person skills.

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Meet your coach

Jeff H Sipe

Founder/ Career Coach

Tauseef Irfan

Career Coach

Imagine preparing for your interview with an expert

"I got my preferred job offer along with other employers."
"Jeff helped me get a job offer at Amazon...From the first interview to where I negotiated my salary.”
"You will feel more confident and prepared than ever before."
"I just got a job at Google because of Jeff."
“I highly recommend Jeff for not only interview coaching but general career advice, as well.”
"I felt like the money I invested in Jeff was well worthwhile."
"Practice Interviews gave me the confidence to sit in front of the interview panel."
“Practice Interviews helped me put structure around my responses and organize my stories. And I got the position.”
"After a few practice interviews I felt confident and was fully ready for my Google Interview."
“The interview prep he is giving me has helped me crush every interview I’m going into.”
“I was preparing for a TPM interview when I found Practice Interviews…The greatest benefit I got was positivity and confidence.
"Practice Interviews was able to help me process things and explain how to communicate them in the interview process."

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