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How to Utilize AI for Hypothetical Interview Answers

ai practice interviews hypothetical interview answer hypothetical interview question practice interviews ai Jan 13, 2023

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence can help you when preparing for hypothetical interview questions. OpenAI and their new model ChatGPT can provide you with ideas and insights as you prepare for your interview, specifically:

  1.   How do I create great clarifying questions?
  2.   How do I build great frameworks?

In my most recent YouTube video, I explore these items by utilizing AI. There is a lot of screen sharing that will show the results of my AI inquiries, so I highly recommended checking out the full video below. We will also explore some of the key concepts here in this article.

Item #1—The Objective

I want to show you how to use these tools for your hypothetical interview preparation. The goal is to help you with the two key questions above. AI is one more strategy you can utilize as you work to get better at asking clarifying questions and building stronger frameworks within the C.F.A.S. method (Clarify. Frameworks. Assumptions. Solution.).

Thematically, these concepts come up time and time again. AI can assist in speeding up your interview prep, and also provide you with a different perspective/ideas.

Item #2—A Common Interview Question in OpenAI

First, I utilized the OpenAI Playground to ask a common hypothetical interview question that a Program Manager might encounter at a company like Google:

You are the Program Manager of a six-person Engineering team and three separate executives come to you with a total of three project proposals they need done in six months. This would be easily accomplished if you had four Engineers per project. However, your team is understaffed relative to the work. How would you approach this?

I kept the question fairly simple here. You can get as specific as you want to obtain even more in-depth responses. With the sample question above, both OpenAI and ChatGPT kicked back some great information. They provide full answers from the perspective of a Program Manager.

One thing I like about the OpenAI platform is that it allows you to take notes. I went through the sample response and noted specific keywords that would make a great framework. I also made a list of clarifying questions.

Item #3—The Same Question in ChatGPT

Next, I copied and pasted the same sample question into ChatGPT. At first glance the response it gives is very similar to what I got in OpenAI. However, there were a few key differences that provided me with additional perspective. Using both helped me identify more framework concepts and prepare stronger clarifying questions. I was able to see the way that OpenAI and the ChatGPT model approached this common interview question, so I could more effectively figure out how I would approach it myself.

Item #4—More Hypothetical Questions

I went through the same process for several more sample interview questions for different positions: 

Product Manager Role

How would you create a go-to market strategy for a rug business?

Engineering Role

How do you make sure your Engineers are providing you with good code? 

Sales Role

What are the 3 most important components of forecasting?

Again, I recommend you watch the full YouTube video to see the actual responses I received in both the OpenAI and their ChatGPT model for each of these sample questions. In addition, I provide clarifying questions and frameworks based on the AI answers. By utilizing this technology and going through this process, you can streamline and improve your hypothetical interview preparation.

For more resources visit my website - Practice Interviews and check out our AI Practice Interview App.

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