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How to Prepare for a Hiring Manager Interview, Part 3: Pro Tips

ai practice interviews hiring manager interview interview advice interview tips practice interviews ai Jul 15, 2021

If you have not read Parts 1 and 2 of this hiring manager interview series, I highly recommend you check those out before continuing with this third installment. We have been covering important information you need to know and tips that will help you prepare for any hiring manager interview. In Part 1, we covered the basics. In Part 2, we talked about addressing the needs of the hiring manager. 

Today, we will be providing some excellent pro tips that will give you a significant advantage as you prepare for your hiring manager interview.


Let’s look at 6 final key issues to help you with your hiring manager interview preparation:

Item #15 – Slow Down

In any interview, you have to slow your roll. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who are thoughtful. Never feel like you need to rush or have all the answers right away. It’s smart to restate the questions. Ask clarifying questions of your own if necessary. Slow down and take your time to provide thoughtful answers. The hiring manager isn’t expecting you to dive right into every answer and rushed responses won’t benefit you at all.

Item #16 – Body Language

Positive body language IS MORE IMPORTANT than your words, and this is backed across the board by science and psychology. Start with smiling, don't over smile, but make sure you are creating a warm and friendly presence. Maintain consistent eye contact without locking into your interviewer. Lastly, keep your head up and shoulders back. Mirror your interviewer’s own body language as much as you can without being too obvious or awkward about it. You will do this naturally, but have an awareness of their body language. Always be aware of your body language and that of your interviewer. 

Item #17 – Pitch & Tone

Science and psychology support that our pitch and tone are also more important than our words. Focus on your pitch and inflection, and match the pace of your interviewer just as you are mirroring their body language. When you can put together the right pitch, tone, pacing and body language, you will be able to create a much better impression with the hiring manager.

Item #18 – Respect

We covered this idea in Part 2, but it is worth reiterating. You must show respect for the hiring manager and his or her role. Appreciate that they are spending their time with you. Understand their needs and the needs of the company. Follow their agenda. It should go without saying that you need to show up on time (or early) for your interview. Be present and attentive throughout the conversation. Adapt to their needs and project positivity. 

Item #19 – Flexibility & Adaptability

The more flexible and adaptable you are, the easier it makes the process for the hiring manager. Remember they have limited time and a busy schedule, so make yourself flexible for any interview appointments, phone calls, emails or video chats. Figure out both how they want to communicate and how they like to communicate. Remember to expect the unexpected, like them showing up early or late for your interview, deciding to change it from video to phone last minute, etc. Don't let any of it bother you. Simply respond with positivity and a willingness to communicate in the way they like best.

Item #20 – Calculated Risks

This is my favorite tip out of all 20 items. The first 19 tips will help you be fully prepared for your hiring manager interview. However, you should never be afraid to take some calculated risks. Find those moments during the interview process to be a little different and stand out from the other candidates. Show your skills and personality in unique ways while still staying within the structure of the interview. These calculated risks, when executed properly and at the right times, can be huge difference-makers. This is where understanding the job description, the company and the hiring manager will enable you to make good judgments on when and how to inject something a little different.

Be sure and check out my full video on this topic, which covers all 20 tips in more detail. I also share two great stories from my own interviewing experiences. The goal is to show you how these techniques were able to give me an advantage during my hiring manager interviews. 

For more resources visit my website -  Practice Interviews and check out our AI Practice Interview App.

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