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Google Team Match, Part 1: Who and How

ai practice interviews google interviews google team match practice interviews ai Nov 17, 2022

There is very limited data available for the team match stage at Google. Today, I want to talk about a few items you should know about this part of the Google recruiting process, as well as interview and negotiation strategies you can implement during your team match calls.

Item #1—Who

First, I want to break this into two specific groups: Engineers and everybody else. Google will hire Engineers more than any other role. It is more likely to get into the team match stage if you are going into the company as an Engineer.

But it really varies based on the role. If the role is very specific there is a strong likelihood that you are interviewing for a role that has a specific hiring manager. If the job description is generic, it is pretty likely that you will enter the team match phase at some point in the interview process. 

For example a generic Program Manager job description means you could potentially end up in any product area at Google. In both cases, they are looking for you to meet the Google hiring bar. 

Item #2—When

Team matching can come up at multiple points during the interview process. Here are the most common times when you may go through team matching at Google:

1. After Hiring Committee

Typically, candidates that crush all their interviews will go to HC before team matching. The Recruiter will take a look at the feedback and determine the likelihood of passing HC without a written statement of support of a hiring manager. 

Then, the Recruiter will share your background with potential hiring managers. And it increases your chances of getting matched because you are already approved and will not have to get past this difficult part of the process.

2. Before Hiring Committee

For some positions they just like to do the team match before hiring committee. That may just be the way it is, no matter how well you do in your interviews.

Another common scenario is when your interview feedback is good, but not exceptional and the Recruiter is not convinced that you will pass HC without a statement of support from the hiring manager. The team match stage can enable you to get that support from a specific hiring manager and increase your chances of passing HC.

3. Before Your Onsite

This used to be the most uncommon time for team matching, but in 2022 Google put more emphasis on team matching earlier. Typically, a specific skill set is identified in the initial interview and it appears there may be a specific team or teams that would be a match.

This could show up in a couple of different ways. The team match could be an informal call or be added as a formal interview with the hiring manager.

4. Anything is Possible

Always remember there are a number of variables that could occur during the hiring process at Google. They generally have some rigidity and specific structures to follow, but can also be fairly flexible when the situation calls for it. You could encounter a team match call at any point during the interview process. You never know for sure.

This is why preparation is so important. You want to crush all your interviews. Ultimately, your goal is to identify a team that likes you and that you think is a good fit for your future. Be prepared for anything.

Next week, we will discuss the specific preparation steps you can take before entering the team match stage. We will also cover how to prepare for interviewing with multiple teams, as well as what to do if you aren’t able to make a specific team match the first time through the process. You can watch my full video on this topic below for more insight:

For more resources visit my website - Practice Interviews and check out our AI Practice Interview App.

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