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A systematic approach to interview success

Are these common challenges preventing you from being fully prepared for an interview?


  • You don’t know where to get started?
  • You don’t know how to spend your time?
  • You don’t know how to organize the information?
  • You are not sure what strategies/methods work best?
  • You can’t seem to find one defined path for success?
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Did you know that less than 1% of job candidates have a defined interview plan?


The abundance of online information can feel overwhelming and cause many of us to shut down. We do some research online and try to understand the needs of the job based on the job description. We write out our behavioral examples and practice them out loud. And all of these items are important, but it is not a defined plan for success.

Why should you buy my course?

  This course is the result of over 2000 1:1 client interview sessions, I learned by coaching people like you!

This course was in two stages of beta mode for 15 months and rarely, if ever, will a course get so much feedback before launching.

This course has over 50 pieces of downloadable content, if you put in the effort, you will definitely improve your interview skills.

This course has lifetime access, you will never lose access once you purchase it!

The Interview Mastery Course covers five critical areas to ensure your interview success

Module #1 Anxiety/Mindset

Learn how to control your breathing and state of mind

Module #2 First Impressions / Body Language / Pitch & Tone

Understand the most important aspects of non-verbal communication

Module #3 General Research

Connect the critical position and company-specific data

Module #4 Recruiter Relationship

Uncover critical data by developing a strong rapport with your Recruiter

Module #5 The Job Description

Identify how to reveal themes and keywords, and create position-specific practice questions

Module #6 Job Specific Data

Correlate all the data to uncover the critical subject matter needed for interview success

Module #7 Visuals

Understand how to articulate specific details that will get your interviewer visually connected

Module #8 Interviewer Attention Span

Build awareness and utilize important methods for keeping your interviewer engaged

Module #9 Behavioral Questions Overview / S.T.A.R.L.F. Methodology Overview

Past performance predicts future performance

Module #10 Situation & Task

Uncover the simple and specific details that will connect your interviewer to your story

Module #11 Actions

Understand the most critical facet of behavioral answers - past performance predicts future performance

Module #12 Results

Validate the impact of your actions with specificity and repeatability

Module #13 Learnings

Exhibit a growth mindset by sharing a critical learning from your experience

Module #14 Follow Up Questions

Problem solve and navigate ambiguity by wearing the hat of the role


Module #15 S.T.A.R.L.F. Methodology Finalized

Correlate and connect the methodology, structure, organization, and detail

Module #16 Open-Ended Questions Overview / C.F.A.S. Methodology Overview

Learn the methodology, and how to structure, organize, and provide the right level of detail in your answers

Module #17 Clarity

Understand how to present your data and potentially narrow your focus

Module #18 Frameworks

Uncover the power of utilizing this organization tool

Module #19 Assumptions

Learn to create specific visuals that build massive layers of connectivity

Module #20 Solution

Dive deep into one area at a time with a great level of detail/specifics

Module #21 Transitions

Learn the power of space and movement from one step to the next


Module #22 C.F.A.S. Methodology Finalized

Correlate and connect the methodology, structure, organization, and detail

Module #23 Creating A Plan

Identify and learn the simple tools that bring all the hard work together

Module #24 Practice

Apply all the hard work with a specific plan to practice with other HUMAN BEINGS!

Module #25 Pre-Interview Routine

Create the plan and mindset for the day of the interview

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