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Corporate Consulting
Hiring the best talent will positively impact your bottom line and overall company culture

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Corporate Consulting
Hire and retain the best employees



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Have any of these items impacted your ability to hire the best talent?

  • No defined/articulated hiring culture?
  • No person in leadership dedicated to talent acquisition only?
  • Never conducted a yearly hiring audit?
  • No fully usable, automated, and integrated ATS (Applicant Tracking System)?
  • No interview training program?

Hire the best talent

The key to hiring the best talent is process, systems, and training

The initial and most crucial step in improving your organization's hiring process is to shift your mindset. During our first meetings, we will identify some of the mindset challenges that your organization has faced in relation to hiring. By examining readily available data online, we can quickly assess how this mindset is affecting your company's culture and financial performance.

Your company's success didn't happen by chance, and starting from scratch may not be the best approach. Instead, we suggest taking a deep dive into every aspect related to hiring and developing a plan that prioritizes the most critical changes. This process will also provide an opportunity to improve stakeholders' overall mindset by identifying multiple areas for enhancing hiring success.

After determining the optimal strategy for your organization, we will develop and optimize all related processes using an advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Our aim is to create a comprehensive, efficient, and fully integrated system that is both user-friendly and widely utilized. Additionally, we will establish a continuous improvement plan to ensure that your ATS is continuously optimized, providing your organization with the best possible results.

We can enhance your interview process and help your organization stand out from competitors by implementing some key strategies. The first step is to prioritize the candidate experience, which is often overlooked in interviewer training. By placing emphasis on this critical element, we can provide a more positive and engaging experience for candidates. In addition, we can train your interviewers to distinguish between good and bad answers, and teach them how to ask targeted questions to elicit the best responses from candidates. By developing these skills, your interviewers will be better equipped to identify the most qualified and suitable candidates for the position.

consulting includes:

Kickoff Meeting (Free)

  • Half an hour meeting to discuss challenges
  • Minimal pre-work required

Proposal Contract

  • Proposal discussion
  • Proposal Finalized & Contract Signed 

Kickoff Meeting with the leadership team

  • Timeline - 1 Month+

Hiring process & interviewing strategies audit

  • Timeline - 1 Month+

ATS upgrades / integrations or a new system implementation

  • Timeline - 1 Month+

Interviewer training

  • Timeline - 1 Month+
  • Ongoing training tweaks / refresher training

Continuous improvement

  • Additional consulting opportunities available and customized based on client needs
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I am committed to your success!

And for this reason, I will only take on one new client a month and cap the total number of clients at any given time to three

Why us?

I am a consultant with extensive experience coaching individuals in a 1:1 setting, and I have a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed in a competitive job market. I utilize this holistic approach with my corporate clients to help them understand that hiring is a two-way street. I help companies identify the traits and qualities that make for a successful hire and teach them how to spot those qualities in potential candidates. I keep up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the hiring space and can help companies tailor their approach to fit their unique needs and goals. My goal is to help companies build a more diverse, talented, and engaged workforce by improving your hiring processes and interview strategies.

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