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Googleyness & Leadership Interview: Googleyness Rubrics

google interviews Feb 08, 2022
Googleyness at Google

Last week, we covered the key leadership rubrics used by Google for the Googleyness & Leadership interview. (Click here to read that full article.) Today, we are continuing this discussion by focusing on the Googleyness side of things. What are the Googleyness Rubrics and how can you better prepare yourself for this important interview?

Rubrics Overview

First, let’s review the six standard Googleyness rubrics. Then, we’ll go through each quality one-by-one to show the differences between “solid” and “outstanding” in the eyes of the Google interviewers. Remember, both ratings are good. However, you should be striving for “outstanding” within each of these rubrics:

  1.   Thrives in Ambiguity
  2.   Values Feedback
  3.   Effectively Challenges the Status Quo
  4.   Puts the User First
  5.   Does the Right Thing
  6.   Cares About the Team

Item #3—Googleyness Rubrics (Solid vs. Outstanding)

Google is looking for individuals who represent the standards and values of their organization. Your leadership skills are clearly important, but it’s your Googleyness that can really help you stand apart from your competition. 

Thrives in Ambiguity

From a solid perspective, this means you display the ability to change course as needed with little-to-no guidance. You can also handle yourself in highly ambiguous situations. Outstanding means that you thrive in these ambiguous situations. You are driven by the challenges. You are able to learn and adapt quickly. And, you can build effective structure with minimal instructions or specifications. 

I should remind you that in the full video for this topic, I walk through example questions for each of these Googleyness rubrics. Watch the video below:

Values Feedback

Solid means that you are engaged in constructive discussions about feedback and you are willing to incorporate changes when necessary. Outstanding is taking the extra steps by seeking out additional feedback/perspectives to give you an even better understanding of how you can improve yourself and/or work quality.

Effectively Challenges the Status Quo

Solid is defining lofty goals and expressing the willingness to pursue them despite negative feedback or lack of support. Outstanding is setting extremely ambitious goals, and anticipating/responding to challenges from leaders. You are able to effectively influence change.

Puts the User First

We know Google is all about the user experience. To be rated as solid, you will demonstrate the ability to provide a customized approach that thoroughly addresses the users’ needs. Outstanding is how you proactively anticipate and address user concerns to create a thorough and seamless solution to a specific user problem.

Does the Right Thing

Solid is about making ethical decisions, even when difficult. Outstanding is following through on ethical decisions despite significant personal risk. You are willing to do the right thing no matter what the fallout might be. 

Cares About the Team

This is our final Googleyness rubric. On the solid side, it’s a willingness to assist others without being asked and expressing a genuine interest in your co-workers as people. Outstanding is regularly assisting and fostering team cohesion through organized team events or initiatives, possibly despite your own personal sacrifice.

When you understand each of these items and the differences between “outstanding” and “solid” for each of the Googleyness & Leadership rubrics, you will be better prepared to excel in your interview.

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Jeff H. Sipe

Jeff has interviewed over 1000 people in his career and previously spent five years working at Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. You likely found Jeff through YouTube and you will find the same level of dedication in his one on one practice interview sessions.

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